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Mandy's pet care
Friendly, Loving and Reliable care for your Pet



Are you working long hours and havenít the time to walk your dog, or due to ill health, are just unable to?

I can provide your dog with the exercise and attention he needs, regularly or once in a while. I will pick him up, transport him to the countryside, a park or woodland nearby and take him for a one hour walk (excluding transport).

If you give your permission I will let him run off the lead, if however youíre concerned at all about recall or any other issue I will walk him on a long lead instead. Afterwards I will transport him home, wipe him down if heís wet or dirty and make sure he has a drink before leaving.

Your dog may be walked with up to two other dogs if they get on well together, but not until a check on sociability has been done. Be assured however that your dog will get lots of personal attention.


Your cat is happiest when left in his own environment rather than a cattery.

When youíre away from home or on holiday, I can visit your cat once or twice a day to feed him, give him fresh water, clean out litter trays, play and give him some attention and administer medication if needs be. I can also open and close curtains and turn off/on lights to make your home look lived in, water houseplants and pick up mail.


If you havenít anybody to feed and tend to your small pets while youíre away, I can visit each day to feed, change water, clean out cages or hutches, handle them if you like and generally make sure everything is fine. I can also open and close curtains, turn off/on lights, water houseplants and pick up mail while youíre away.


If you are unable to take your pet to the vet or anywhere else, I can provide secure transport to get him where he needs to be.


Your dog may be too old for long walks, but he would still like to some company, time in the garden, food and affection while youíre out. Likewise, your puppy may be too young to go out but he still needs food, lots of attention and care with some playtime thrown in. I can give them all the care they need in my one hour home visit.